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De Koninck


The story of Luc De Laet is one of enthusiasm, hard work and a big serving of healthy ambition. In 1992, the jovial rock ‘n roll butcher took over the business of the Hendrickx family in Hove. At the brewery, they are now setting up a second shop. ‘We want to bring the butcher’s craft back to its essence. We are turning the clock back 70 years, but using today’s technology.’

The shop in Antwerp will not be an exact copy of the one in Hove. ‘In our shop at the brewery, we want to restore the forgotten deli meats to their former glory. And we will also offer fine meats prepared with De Koninck beer,’ says Luc.

Opening hours:

- Tuesday through Saturday: from 9am to 6pm
- Sunday: from 9am to 1pm

+32 (0)3 455 39 44