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De Koninck

Gourmet restaurant

Head chef Bert-Jan Michielsen and Luc Dickens have been friends for years. Ten years ago, they met each other at the star restaurant De Schone in Boskoop. Luc was maître-sommelier, while Bert-Jan was sous-chef. Now, they are opening a restaurant together: The Butcher’s Son. ‘A new adventure we both can’t wait to dive into,’ says Bert-Jan.

As a young lad, Bert-Jan started out at De Laet & Van Haver, another one of the crafts at the brewery. He literally and figuratively got a taste for the craft there, which explains the name of the restaurant.

The Bucher’s Son serves French cuisine. ‘I have a thing for meat dishes. I wonder why,’ Bert-Jan jokes. ‘But it is definitely not a steakhouse. The menu also has fish and shellfish.’

Opening hours:

- Monday through Friday: from 12am to 2pm and from 6pm to 9.30pm

+32 (0)3 230 16 38