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De Koninck

Wild Jo saw the light of day after a suitably wild night in the De Koninck City Brewery. Our brewers steered clear of the well-trodden path of conventional yeasts and got to work with wild varieties. The result? Pure rock ‘n’ roll in a bottle! Wild Jo is untameable. On the contrary, the beer continues to evolve in the bottle as time goes by, getting wilder and wilder. Just to keep things interesting!

Wild Jo’s name is a perfect match for its temperament. The “Wild” naturally refers to the wild yeasts used to ferment it. But what about “Jo”? That’s our way of paying homage to Joseph van den Bogaert, the spiffing chap whose own lust for adventure ensured the survival of the brewery after WWI. A real daredevil, if ever there was one. Were you also “born to be Wild Jo”?

Wild Jo The facts

Belgian Wild Ale
Discover earthy aromas. And experience just how well they blend with the floral notes of this wild ale. Even Wild Jo’s nose is a reflection of its irrepressible character: definitely not for the feint hearted! Slightly sweet at the outset with a bitter aftertaste and a touch of acidity.
Dry hopped with two European varieties of hops.
Gold to blond, slightly cloudy with a rich head.
Shelf life: 
36 months
Ideal temperature 7-9°C
Alcohol percentage: