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Smokey Jo’s Garage is now Smokey Jo’s Cantina

Yet another summer bar has popped up in the City Brewery’s courtyard garden. And whereas the place was overrun with Hillbillies last year who lured patrons with the smell of roast pork on the spit, this summer you’re more likely to run into trim and tanned surfie types. Because the urban summer bar in the brewery’s courtyard garden is making way for a white sandy beach and the treehouse is being transformed into a lifeguard tower, complete with Baywatch-style surf lifesavers. Smokey Jo’s Cantina is open from 9 June to 3 September.

Mexico in Berchem
After Summer Josephine’s and Smokey Jo’s Garage, the hip summer bar is now being redubbed Smokey Jo’s Cantina. Tucked away in the courtyard garden of De Koninck City Brewery – a real hidden gem – Smokey Jo’s Cantina is the ideal place to kick back and relax in the city. De Koininck’s former warehouse is namely being covered in a deep layer of white beach sand and the beer crates are making way for palm trees, deckchairs and hammocks.

Smokey Jo’s Cantina is a summer bar with an unmistakably Mexican/Californian vibe. Think bright sunshine, surfboard under your arm and a thick layer of zinc cream on your nose. The foaming waves and salty beach hair, however, will have to be left to your imagination. In any case, Smokey Jo’s Cantina has a real laid-back feel: no pumping beats, just relaxed deephouse DJ sessions. Smokey Jo’s Cantina is also a real family-minded beach bar with a big kids’ zone where kids can collect shells and build sand castles.

Kasper Stuart:
“Smokey Jo’s Cantina is going to be an ultra urban hang-out. You’ll find all the elements here of a cliché beach bar, only with a hip twist. So if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city this summer, Smokey Jo’s Cantina is the ultimate place for a little R&R.”

Burrito’s and California Rolls
No à la carte restaurant this time but rather a self-service cantine dishing up fresh, summery fare. You’ll find a range of Mexican staples on the menu, for example, from burritos to tacos as well as Californian delicacies with an Asian twist like Californian rolls: a variation on the sushi theme introduced to California by Japanese migrants. And just like California itself, Smokey Jo’s Cantina is a veritable melting pot of cultures. The bartenders from the Dirty Rabbit cocktail bar shake the night away with the best and freshest cocktails while De Koninck City Brewery provides a full range of beers with characrter.

And if the weather’s not cooperating, there’s always the Kelly House: the undercover pavilion where you can take shelter from any errant raindrops, cocktail in hand. Everything in the interior – from the chairs to the bar itself – is all custom made.The treehouse has even been converted into a lifeguard tower which can be hired for parties with a maximum of 25 guests.

Practical details
Open from 9 June to 3 September
Closed Tuesdays and Wesnesdays
All other days open from 5pm (or 12pm on Sundays) until midnight.