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De Koninck

Christmas vibes at De Koninck


If you’ve visited our brewery lately, you will have noticed an enchanted atmosphere about the place! The entire inner lane is now undercover and fully winter proof, where you can walk beneath the garlands and between the Christmas trees. On Saturdays, you can even soak up the festive atmosphere a little longer, since both the brewery and our bars are open till 10pm. And if you’re looking for a truly original Christmas present, you’ll find plenty of great gift ideas at De Koninck Shop, and just as much inspiration for your festive menu from our resident tastemakers! 

For him, for her, for the foodie, for the sports fan or even the cocooner in the family… You’ll find more than just beer at the De Koninck brewery but also stacks of unique gifts and fun gadgets. Perfect for the end-of-year season! So be sure to drop into our shop as well as those of our resident artisans, all brimming with inspiration!


Open late on Saturdays

The brewery’s doors are open till 10pm on Saturdays. Which means: more time to experience everything on our brewery tour (tickets available until 8pm), while taking your time to savour a Triple d’Anvers or perhaps a test brew at one of our many bars, or simply lingering a little longer at the De Koninck Shop in search of that ideal gift for under the tree!


Holiday opening hours

Sunday 23 December: Open from 10am to 8pm (last ticket at 6.30pm)

Monday 24 December: Closed

Tuesday 25 December: Closed

Wednesday 26 December: Open from 10am to 6pm (last ticket at 4.30pm)

Monday 31 December: Closed

Tuesday 1 January: Closed

We will be taking a short break behind closed doors on 7,8,9,10 and 11th of January.



Package 1: For him

Smokey Goodness Book - DK Shop€ 24,95
Sweater De Koninck Blue - DK Shop€ 35,00
Cufflinks - DK Shop€ 24,95
Card holder - DK Shop€ 9,95
De Koninck Backpack - DK Shop€ 24,95
Crowler - DK Bar€ 10,00
Gift Voucher - The Butcher's Sonof choice
Wild Jo - DK Shop€ 1,60
Wooden Box - DK Shop€ 3,50

Package 2: For her

Wooden Keychain Hand - DK Shop€ 3,50
Gift Voucher - Brasserie De Pelgrimnaar keuze
De Koninck Sweater Grey/Pink - DK Shop€ 35,00
Stadskookboek - DK Shop€ 24,95
Pralines - Jitsk€ 15,50
Orangettes - Jitsk€ 3,80
Chocolate Spread - Jitsk€ 6,50
Iphone 6 & 7 Phone Case - DK Shop€ 24,99
Wooden Beer Box 6 Flesjes - DK Shop€ 5,50
Totebag Blue - DK Shop€ 5,95
Magnet - DK Shop€ 2,75
Lost In Spice - DK Shop€ 1,60
Alexander vs The Ham Factory Magnum - The Butcher's Store€ 88,00
Butcher's Gin - The Butcher's Store€ 44,00
Sal de Ibiza - The Butcher's Store€ 22,50

Package 3: Foodie

Black Notebook - DK Shop€ 9,95
Cheese Set - DK Shop€ 13,95
Tote Bag - DK Shop€ 3,95
Bollekes Cheese - Van Tricht€ 14,90
Hot Oil - Black Smoke€ 7,95
Kitche Apron - Black Smoke€ 79,00
Book De Basis - Minestrone€ 14,95
Gift Pack - The Bakery

€35,00 - 60,00

Triple d'Anvers - DK Shop€ 1,30
Triple d'Anvers glass - DK Shop€ 4,00
Pralines - Jitsk€ 15,50

Package 4: Sporty

Longboard - DK Shop€ 229,00
Bollekes Jersey - DK Shop€ 49,95
T-shirt Bycicle Hand - DK Shop€ 20,00
Reflective Stickers - DK Shop€ 2,00
Wallet - DK Shop€ 5,57
Saddle Cover - DK Shop€ 3,95
Bike Repair Kit - DK Shop€ 2,50
Black Cap - DK Shop€ 10,00
Socks - Velodome€ 24,00
Cycling Jersey - Velodome€ 125,00
Gloves - Velodome€ 65,00
Bag with  #  Beers - DK Shop€ 11,50


Package 5: Cocooner

Notebook Cork - DK Shop€ 12,95
Lampshade - DK Shop€ 5,95

Red Sweater - DK Shop

€ 35,00
Bottle Opener - DK Shop€ 4,95
Playing Cards Double- DK Shop€ 6,95
Red Pencil - DK Shop€ 1,20
Wooden Postcard - DK Shop€ 4,50
Book Pelgrim - DK Shop€ 21,50
Gift Voucher - Afspanning De Handnaar keuze
Bolleke Koninck - DK Shop€ 1,30
Wooden Box - DK Shop€ 5,50


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