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Black Smoke: the new rooftop BBQ restaurant

High above the city, on the roof of the City Brewery, lies the newly opened Black Smoke: the rooftop BBQ restaurant. Where the intrepid visitor is welcomed with a refreshing breeze and treated to the Antwerp city skyline while the fires of hell’s kitchen burn brightly below! For here, at the highest point of the City Brewery, a new urban vibe is emerging and it’s finger-lickin’ good! A place to enjoy the view, and the sunset, while you leave the hustle and the bustle of the city behind (or 6 floors below, to be precise). And on the sunniest days of the year (inter)national DJs add a beat to the unique sunset sessions.

Kasper Stuart, the brain behind several dynamic hospitality concepts lately, including Smokey Jo’s Garage (soon to be Smokey Jo’s Cantine – save the date: 15/6), and World Champion BBQer Jord Althuizen converted De Koninck City Brewery’s central tower last year into a barbecue restaurant and bar called Black Smoke. And with the summer well and truly on its way, we are delighted to announce that the rooftop bar is now also open for business. This 21 metre-high roof terrace commands 360-degree views of the city, including the distant Our Lady Cathedral, the ‘Boeren’ tower and Antwerp Central Station. Not to mention beautiful vistas of our own ’hood: Berchem.

Sunset DJ sessions
When weatherman Frank Deboosere announces 23 degrees or more, all we’re thinking is “Rooftop season is open!” Because the Rooftop is only open when the weather permits (i.e. no rain). And on days when the sun beats down, a select line-up of DJs take the lead at the special sunset sessions, alternating lazy tunes with real phat beats. The Rooftop bar is open all day but from 2.30pm there is but one golden rule: first come first served. Anyone seeking prime real estate on the Rooftop will have to be quick (and lucky), because they only take bookings for lunch. Dinner is served 1 floor down at the Black Smoke Restaurant.

Cocktails & De Koninck beers
You’ll find a full-service bar at the Rooftop with a team lead from the front by top bartender Donald Simons who will gladly shake and stir the best cocktails for you at the ‘Craft Beer & Cocktail Bar’. The house cocktail is the ‘Suffering Bastard’ made with Bulleit Bourbon, Tanqueray gin, lemon, maple syrup and ginger ale. In the fridge and on draft you’ll also find – and how could it be otherwise? – the full range of beers from De Koninck and the Duvel Moortgat breweries.  

Bits, bites & snacks
While full fledged meals are only available in the restaurant, you can order delicious sharing platters at the Black Smoke Rooftop as well as a choice selection of grilled meats served presliced as a snack. Also under the bits & bites section of the menu are such mouthwatering delights as ‘Smoked paprika hummus’, ‘Smoked fish dip’ and an ‘overloaded nacho platter for two’. For the sharing platters, choose between the ‘Masters of meat platter’ (with a selection of cold cuts), the ‘BBQ Galore Platter’ or a ‘Here Fishy Fishy… platter’. Still hungry? We’d recommend the ‘Black Aberdeen Sliced Côte à l’os’ (800g) or the premium selection from Luc de Laet’s Butcher’s Store , otherwise known as ‘The Big Bastard: Sliced Rib Roast Steak’ (500g). Prices at the Rooftop range from 8 euros to 65 euros with a choice between meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes.

New York Rooftop Brunch on Sundays
Sunday only really begins with a New York Rooftop Brunch where you can enjoy the finest American breakfast. Alongside traditional low&slow brunch staples, you can also order pancakes, classic desserts and the ‘Carving of the Week’ (à la carte). And while you’re at it, why not kill last night’s hangover with a Bloody Mary or just keep on going with the last thing you drank: bubbles.

Black Smoke’s Rooftop has space for 99 guests. It also offers a unique venue for your next party or event.

Rooftop opening hours (only in if the weather’s good)  
Wednesday and Thursday
The bar is open from 12pm to 1am
Lunch is served from 12pm to 2.30pm – after which the bar is open
Rooftop bar food is available from 5.30pm to 11pm

Friday and Saturday
The bar is open from 12pm to 2am
Lunch is served from 12pm to 2.30pm – after which the bar is open
Rooftop bar food is available from 5.30pm to 11pm

The bar is open from 12pm to 1am
Lunch is served from 12pm to 2.30pm – after which the bar is open
Rooftop bar food is available from 5.30pm to 11pm