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De Koninck


Few Antwerp businesses have such close ties with Antwerp and an equally rich tradition as De Koninck Brewery. It is now Antwerp’s last remaining city brewery. By the way, did you know that De Koninck Brewery has the second oldest trade registry number in Antwerp, just after the Zoo?


  • 1827 : Joseph Henricus De Koninck purchases the 'De Plaisante Hof' café on the boundary between Antwerp and Berchem. The traces are still visible today with the stone boundary marker showing a hand opposite the De Koninck Brewery.
  • 1833 : After the death of Joseph Henricus De Koninck, his wife Elisabeth Cop remarried, this time to Johannes Vervliet. He transformed the café into De Hand Brewery like the image on the boundary marker. The hand is still recognisable today in the logo of the brewery.
  • 1845 : Carolus De Koninck, the eldest son from Elisabeth Cop’s first marriage, took over the business.
  • 1912 : De Hand Brewery was transformed into Brasserie Charles De Koninck with Florent van Bauwel as manager.
  • 1918 : Together with Joseph Van den Bogaert, Florent van Bauwel restarted the brewery. Joseph Van den Bogaert, who stemmed from a well-known brewer family from Willebroek, studied at the agricultural and brewing school in Leuven, which gave him the necessary technical knowledge. With the duo Van Bauwel-Van den Bogaert began the spectacular expansion of the business.
  • 1949 : Modeste Van den Bogaert, Joseph’s son, made his entry into the brewery. He ended up heading the business for over 50 years.
  • 2010 : De Koninck Brewery is part of the Duvel Moortgat brewery group. The knowledge, expertise and passion for beer brewing of 2 Belgian family-run breweries are brought under one roof. The brewing equipment in Antwerp is refurbished.