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Frequently asked questions

Where can I go for possible sponsorships / sales department?

In case you have any questions regarding marketing or sponsoring we would like to refer you to our main office Duvel Moortgat. You can reach our main office by simply calling the following number: +32 3 860 94 00.

I would like to hold an event at the experience centre of Brewery De Koninck; who should I contact?

If you would wish to hold an event at our site you can always contact Laurence Piens by mailing to

Where are we able to park?

You can park right across the site at the parking spot of Velodome at the Boomgaardstraat. If you are visiting with a touring car we have room to leave and enter the car at our unloading- and loading spot at the Mechelsesteenweg.

Is the experience centre also available for disabled?

The entire experience centre is available for disabled due to the installation of elevators on every single floor.

Are we already able to eat on the site of the experience centre?

Since beginning of May Bert-Jan Michielsen and sommelier Luc Dickens have opened their restaurant within the brewery: The Butcher’s Son. Reservations can be made on
Next to that we can also refer to our guests Afspanning De Hand and café De Pelgrim, both located right across the street of our site. Reservations can be done via e-mail: De Hand –, De Pelgrim –

Is the tour guided?

No. The tour is without a guide since it is designed in a very interactive and audio- visual way, this makes a guide unnecessary. We do work with an audio guide as added value which is offered in Dutch, French, English and German. As a native Dutch speaker it is not necessary to use an audio guide, however you are always allowed to do so if you wish. The audio guide just offers you a bit more information brought in a nicely told story.

Is there any visiting hours that we should take into account while visiting the brewery?

We are opened from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am to 6 pm, with the last admission at 4.30 pm. The only days that we are closed are Mondays, Christmas Day and from 1st till 13th of January 2017. So, after 4.30 pm it is no longer possible to buy any tickets or start a tour. However, you can still enjoy your beer at our bar until 6 pm. followed by a good shop in our own De Koninck shop till 6.30 pm.

I would like to visit the experience centre of De Koninck with a group; when and how should I make a reservation?

Depending on the number of people you would like to visit the brewery with, you do not need to make a reservation beforehand. You can simply visit the site and buy your tickets right there and then at our ticketing. You can find the prices and rates easily by visiting our website In case you would like to visit the brewery with 15 people or more, it is still wise to make a reservation. In that way we are aware of the arrival of your group and able to take it into account. To make a reservation please contact Laurence Piens by mailing to:

Are we allowed to order any other beers besides the tour and included beer?

Of course you can enjoy all the other beers offered at our degustation area than just the one included in your admission fee. However, it is intended that this only happens in case you joined the tour beforehand. This means that our bar is only available to the guests of the experience centre. Besides our many beers – the entire gamma of Duvel Moortgat – you can also try one of our crafts plates for just a small price.

How long will a visit to the experience centre of De Koninck take?

A visit to the experience centre is completely doable at your own chosen pace. On average, people take 1.30 hour of which they spend one hour going through the exhibition spaces. In the remaining 30 minutes you will be able to enjoy the included beer at our tasting area.

A visit to the experience centre of the Brewery; what can I expect?

A visit at our brewery exists of a walk through our 10 exhibition spaces. In every room you will experience the brewery in a very audio-visual and interactive way. Also, you will learn everything there is to know about the brewery process and De Koninck. Eventually, you will walk over a four meter high bridge going straight through our active brewery, allowing you to have a very unique perspective view on the brewers and the brewery itself. Afterwards, you will finish your tour with a beer tasting that is included in the admission fee.

In case you still have questions after reading the above information you can call 0032 3 866 96 90 or contact us via the contact from on contact